Here is why people around the world read Manga and enjoy it

Posted by admin On November - 6 - 2016

What is Manga?

Manga is a term that is used for Japanese comic strips. Its origin can be traced to the beginning the twelfth century. Literally translated, it means “whimsical pictures”. This art of comic scripting is made mainly of images that are presented in a sequential form.Even though the art itself is old, the term is first believed to be coined by the most famous printer and artist, Katsashika Hokusai in the eighteenth century only. The art of cartooning has always had a stronghold in Japanese literature.


The humble beginning of the comic strips:

In the twelfth century, this art form was first used by the commoners to sensitize the gentry about the needs of the public at large and making them aware of the problems faced by them. In short, it was one of the most popular and impactful medium of mass media way back when other mediums had not found any expression.

Its appeal to people of all ages:

Reading Manga is a favorite pass time of children and adults alike in Japan. The fan following is so large that it is estimated that 25 percent of Japan’s publishing industry is engaged in publishing of them.

The reason why the manga comics are popular across all ages and genders is because the storylines employed is very clear and the characters are inspired from everyday normal lives. It is for this reason probably that the characters are rich in humanity and full of moral talk. The moral talk is definitely not preachy but put in a very appealing way.

Reading Manga as an educational tool:

These Japanese comics are very popular as a learning aid in schools and colleges. Most of the times, the more complex concepts in history, geography and sciences are taught using simple scripts from this art form. It has even been observed that children and adults are more receptive to tougher concepts and definitions when explained using the simple illustrations that this art form employs.

Has the Art form lost its appeal?

Even with the introduction of other art forms, the manga as a medium of expression has not lost its sheen and is still catching peoples’ imagination as newer and newer experiments are carried out to make this art form more and more interesting to its readers.


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