Limitless Possibilities With Broadband!

Posted by admin On September - 27 - 2016

Broadband has become an essential part of our lives. A life without internet connection is beyond imagination. It is a means to connect with people these days. Physically meeting people has become uncommon. Phone calls, instant messaging are popular means of interacting with people. Watching movies and TV shows online is also becoming popular. There is a need for adequate broadband speed for such activities. Sky broadband has come up with new packages which make it conducive for huge downloads.

About Sky broadband

Sky broadband came into being in the year 2005. BskyB purchased ISP EasyNet for £211 million. EasyNet was a major telephone service provider, it had made significant investments in Local-loop unbundling. With this acquisition Sky had access to 232 telephone exchanges. This company was placed as Sky broadband. By the year 2007, the company was servicing 1 million customers. It continued to grow by leaps and bounds, it claimed that every 40 seconds a new client was getting added. In the year 2013, BskyB bought telephone and broadband business from Telefonica UK. The deal value was £200 million. The transfer of customers happened by the end of year 2014.


Sky broadband offerings

Sky broadband is UK’s largest internet service provider. Sky provides a fixed line telephone and along with it comes the broadband service. The basic plan includes download speeds of up to 20Mbps and up to 76 Mbps from exchanges. Sky broadband has created an on demand service, which combines sky broadband and Sky + HD. They offer the on demand service by using the Ethernet from Sky + HD box and the router from Sky broadband. Sky customers can connect Sky + HD box via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi adapter. They will be able to stream content directly to television with this connection. They will be billed for data usage and not for the overall service offerings.

Sky broadband speeds

Sky broadband is a DSL connection, hence, if the customer site is at a reasonable distance from the DSLAM, the line speed will be slow. To ensure that the speed in the connection remains stable, Sky broadband uses dynamic line management over the first 10 days of a new connection. Sky broadband has since taken the telecom industry by storm by matching steps with competitors with initiatives such as launch of fibre based broadband and 1 gigabit Fibre to the Premises connections.

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