Forget About Your Hickey with Rubbing Alcohol

Posted by admin On October - 29 - 2016


 How to get rid of hickeys fast? Is the first question you ask when you find a hickey on your body. The clotted blood that splotches on your skin in different colors of pink to purple make you wish you knew magic. But you do not require any special skills, there are many easy and quick ways to erase the hickey from your body as well as your memory.



Below stated are methods on how to get rid of a hickey:

  • Rubbing Alcohol: You can start with using a rubbing alcohol. Damp a piece of cloth or cotton wad, then pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on it. Directly apply on to the affected area. Do not rub vigorously. You should damp the cloth to reduce the harshness of the alcohol. Never substitute drinking alcohol with rubbing alcohol, which will lead to more aggravated bruise.
  • How does rubbing alcohol get rid of hickey? Rubbing alcohol has disinfectant properties, which helps to avoid any infections also spread of any in the future. The first thing you would feel when you apply rubbing alcohol is instant cooling effect. This will substantially reduce inflammation. One thing to remember is to apply good moisturizer after rubbing alcohol since the latter tends to dry the skin.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol as many times as you want to or till the symptoms reduce. You can continue with it for a couple of days till the bruise heals completely.
  • Every household should possess a bottle of rubbing alcohol for emergency purposes. Its disinfectant properties help you to avoid infections and maintain general hygiene and health all around the year.
  • On the downside rubbing alcohol won’t work if more than two to three hours have passed.
  • Avoid applying rubbing alcohol on a hickey if there has been a time lapse.

In short, if you find you have a hickey immediately go for rubbing alcohol to make it vanish.


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