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Posted by admin On September - 2 - 2016

I am one of those people who simply cannot function coherently without my morning cup of coffee. I really need that shot of caffeine to fully wake me up and to get me going for the day. Skipping that morning coffee not only leaves me with an annoying headache but also makes me grouchy and irritable. Yes, I do know that it is a sort of addiction, but honestly there are worse things to get addicted to in life! Also, I limit myself to just one cup of coffee per day, which I believe is quite reasonable.

A steaming hot cup of coffee can be an instant mood lifter, cheering up even the grumpiest soul! Sure there might be a lot of people who sing paeans to tea, but in my book, nothing can beat a lovely cup of aromatic, rich and smooth coffee.

Good coffee at work: A motivation to go to office

In fact, there have been many instances when I have eagerly looked forward to go to my office, only because the espresso machine at work is one of the best in the business and makes remarkably good coffee. Judging by the queue that waits patiently in front of the espresso machine at any point during the day, I’m sure at least half the office would definitely agree with me!

So naturally, when I was setting up the kitchen in my new home, along with a host of other vessels and gadgets one of the most important things that I invested in was an espresso machine. There are a plethora of coffee machines available in the market today, but as anyone who has ever had coffee from a vending machine would testify, inferior coffee machines can spew out coffee which tastes horrible.


Make life easier with a good espresso machine

If you are a true coffee lover then you must pick up the best espresso machine that you can possibly afford. Don’t worry if it is slightly on the pricier side. You will definitely not regret spending your hard earned money when you take the first sip of the brew every morning! According to me, even if a kitchen is well-stocked with the latest kitchen tools, it is incomplete if it doesn’t have a good espresso machine in it!

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